Title : Dr. Eka Gegeshidze from The University of Georgia, Georgia began her speech
Date inserted : 9/11/2013
News content :

Economic  Perspectives of Georgia : an IC basedanalysis

Georgia is small country with bigtraditions and history. Intellectual capital development is coming from ancienttime. The history counting five thousand years. Georgian alphabet is one of thefew existing in the modern world. Medicine science name associated withGeorgian deity Medea the Greek mythological figure, according that Medea in XIVcentury BC had sufficient knowledge of the medicine. But where we are standingnow and what are perspectives of the Georgian Intellectual capital developmentis the main study area of the presentation. In spite of the low GDP per capitaGeorgia has quite high human development Index and Index of Intellectualcapital which has some reasons and giving future perspective of the Economicdevelopment.

Aim of the presentation is Present EconomicPerspectives of the Georgia by an IC based analysis, there is discussed aboutvariables used for intellectual capital index assessment: Human Capital,Exported Human Capital, Process Capital, Relational or Trade Capital, Marketingor Image Capital, Research, Development and Innovation Capital, Social andEnvironmental, Capital. In the work shown weaknesses and strength Georgian ICand women’s role in it. There is shown three main area of IC accumulation inGeorgia: Creative Industry, Medicine and Education.

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