Title : Mr. Erkan Iscimen from UDE Corporate and Personal Development International Limited, Turkey began his speech
Date inserted : 9/11/2013
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Intellectual Capital Management in the Age of the Experience Economy (summary)
Abstract: Experiences could be defined as events that engage individuals in a personal way. Experience economy, was first described as a term by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore. In their article, published in 1998, titled "The Experience Economy", they described the experience economy as the next economy following the agrarian economy, the industrial economy, and the most recent service economy. Experiences go beyond goods, products and services in this kind of economy and consumers are not only consuming products and services, but also seek unique experiences. The concept came up in cultural and art activities field; it has crossed hospitality, architecture and urban planning, education, health care and ICT industries. The main focus of the speech will be the linking role of intellectual capital management between all stakeholders, in the experience economy perspective. I would like to suggest ICM as a requirement to manage businesses in experience economies 
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