Conference Objectives and Audiences
     International Conference on Intellectual Capital Management (IICM 2013) will be held to rise and encourage an in depth study and to discover opportunities and disclosure the threats in management of intellectual capital. Across to this, informing the policy makers, academics, public sectors and private firms about advantages of IC management, introducing theoretical and experimental foundations of IC and developing the IC managerial abilities of organizational leaders, science and technology managers, economists, researchers, entrepreneurs, finance managers, accounting experts and others about identification, valuation, measurement and accounting IC in related areas has been considered.
    Reviewing the case studies and experiences, diffusing and reflecting the participators knowledge in this field, round table to share best practice and new theories about acquiring, assessment, measurement, valuation, reporting, registration and laws related to IC are some of the other objectives.
    The international conference on intellectual capital management (IICM 2013) invites researchers, practitioners and academics to present their research findings, real work in experiences, case studies and conceptual advances in any branch of the above fields. It seems to us, this conference should be useful for and demand the participation of University professors, postgraduate students especially in the field of management, accounting, economy, law, sociology, communication, managers and analysts of stock market,lawyers, inventors, patent owners, CEOs especially financial managers of private and public sector, entrepreneurs, accountants, organizational leaders, directors of scientific and research institutes, managers of knowledge and technology based firms and other stakeholders.
Organizer and Sponsors
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