Title : Inviting ICM experts to IICM2010
Date inserted : 7/19/2010
News content : Inviting ICM experts to IICM2010

        I am writing to you to kindly consider participating IICM2010 conference. The 2ndInternational Conference on Intellectual Capital Management (IICM2010) will be held on 6-7 October 2010 in Zanjan, Iran. The preliminary objective for holding International Conference on Intellectual Capital Management (IICM 2010) is bringing together varied groups of people with different perspectives, experiences and knowledge in one location. It aims to help practitioners find ways of putting research into practice and researchers to gain an understanding of real-world problems, needs and aspirations to identifying and surveying intellectual capital development potentials, specifically in Middle East and Iran.


          Accordingly,International Conference on Intellectual Capital Management (IICM2009) will beheld to discover   opportunities and disclosure the threats in strategic management of intellectual capital.Reviewing the case studies and experiences, diffusing and reflecting the participators knowledge in this field, round table to share best practice and new theories about acquiring, assessment, measurement, valuation,reporting, registration and laws related to IC, are some of the other objectives.


          In the first International Conference on Intellectual Capital Management (IICM 2009) we have had 3 fruitful opening remarks from Dr Abdul-Aziz Othman altaweijri the Director General of Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization(ISESCO), Debra Amidon, the Mentor of Enovation Global Network and the 3rd from International  Organization for Science and Technology Education (IOSTE). Dr Jafar Mehrad the Director General of Islamic World   Science CitationDatabase(ISC), Dr Behrangi from International Organization for Science andTechnology Education (IOSTE), Dr Yousef Sobouti from Third World Academy ofScience (TWAS), Dr Alimullah Miyan the vice chancellor of IUBAT InternationalUniversity in Bangladesh, Dr Jafar Towfighi the former minister of higheducation of Iran, Dr Riadhi the chairman of Iran High Council of InformationTechnology, Dr Mahbubeh Mobasheri the chancellor of Alzahra          University, Dr Faizali Kamilov thechancellor of Institute of Entrepreneurship & Service of Tajikistan, DrShamsul Haque the  vice chancellor of  Northern University of Bangladesh, and some other scientists from Iran, Middle east, Far east, Mead Asia, andIndia Semi Continent was the lecturers of IICM2009, had been selected from 299received papers for IICM office, then as a side result of conference:Regional IC Center Office started to work in ZSTP.


          Theinternational conference on intellectual capital management (IICM 2010) invitesresearchers, practitioners and academics to present their research findings, real work in experiences, case studies and conceptual advances in any branch of the conference topics. It seems to us, thisconference should be useful for, and demand the participation of university professors, postgraduate students especially in the field of management, accounting, economy, law, sociology, communication, organizational leaders,directors of scientific and research institutes, managers of knowledge and technology-based firms, finance managers, stock market experts and other stakeholders.


Kindly, pay a look to “call for papers”, “sponsorship” and “registration” at conference website (www.iicm.ir), and inform your colleagues by introducing iicm.ir on your website. For Sponsors and accepted papers lecturers, registration fee isfree. I look forward to receiving you and your colleagues’ papers.


Organizer and Sponsors
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