Title : Mr. Ivan Smahin from Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, Russia began his workshop
Date inserted : 9/11/2013
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Rapid Foresight as Intellectual Capital Acquiring Method (summary)
Rapid Foresight is a prognostic and managerial technology. It allows acquisition of experts and non-experts knowledge and perceptions about possible future and integration of knowledge from different groups inside an organization or between different organisations and institutes. It is a managerial technology because it addresses the management of the future, rather just the “studies of the future”. 
Traditional "big" Foresight involves thousands of experts, and its development takes several years. During the workshop the audience will learn Rapid Foresight technology, allowing generation of predictions in a shorter period of time and without big budgets. Foresight effectively helps to identify the main tends, technologies, threats and opportunities for the chosen area of activity and to design a roadmap of collaborative project including critical path development to collectively achieve a desired future. 
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