Title : The IICM2013 officially opened by Dr. Khavand Kar`s Speech
Date inserted : 9/10/2013
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The Quest for Intellectual Capital Management

Over the years, many scholars have emphasisedon the capacity of the science park as a loci for the generation of innovation.Many researchers and economists have linked output from science parks andbusiness incubators to economic growth indicators, such as job and wealthcreation in developed and developing countries. Generally it is expected thatscience parks contribute to the regional development by fostering the growth ofknowledge-based firms, advocating relationships and networking among largecompanies and SMEs, and providing the linkage opportunities between firms andR&D institutions and universities. From this prospective, it seems that thedefinition of science park shares certain similarities with the concept of thebusiness ecosystem where the focus is to build an extensive network of partnersthat can enable companies to innovate faster, at lower cost, while enhancingtheir tangible and intangible assets and create new value through an increasednumber and variety of information, knowledge flows and services available tothem.

By taking such stance, the science parkbusiness ecosystem connects SMEs and large firms via webs of relations, valueco-creation opportunities, shared knowledge and value propositions providedwithin the park ecosystem. In the meantime, these firms act independently or asniche players, value dominators or key stones in their parent ecosystems andexploit market opportunities based on relevant innovation architecture. Drawingon the concept of business ecosystem, this speech tries to investigate unveileddynamics and synergies within science park business ecosystem that can providemechanisms for development of intellectual capital management associated withpromotion of entrepreneurial activities.


It gives megreat pleasure indeed to welcome you all to the 5th InternationalConference on Intellectual Capital Management. I would like to extend a specialwelcome to our international guests especially as it is the first time for someof them to come to Iran. As you perhaps already know, Zanjan has a lot of greatplaces to visit and we hope you have had a pleasant stay in Zanjan until nowand wish you have a Nice and fruitful Experience at the IICM.  I hope the IICM turns to be a new beginning foracademic cooperation and scientific knowledge sharing between networkedcountries within the IICM community.

The interest ofthe IICM scientific community is clear. This year, the IICM Conference successfulin attracting 450 papers and workshop proposals which resembles an extensiveinternational attention from experts, academicians and professionals. We alsogave a special attention to promotion of originality, robustness and quality ofpapers, topical articles and case studies that contribute to the area ofresearch and practice of intellectual capital management at both national andinternational levels. In IICM2013, We will hear 50 Speech, Oral presentationsand workshop, and have the opportunity to see about 30 poster presentationsfrom 15 different countries, reporting their experiences and research findings on boththeoretical and practical aspects of Intellectual Capital Management. Thesubjects range from descriptions of new developments in conceptual frameworks, measurementmodels; reporting technique; Practical Cases in monitoring and promotion ofIntellectual Capital in Business World, with an special focus on  Higher Education, Science and Technology. Iam sure that the selected topics will provide you with a wealth of informationand many opportunities for discussions.

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