Title : The Unveiling Ceremony of “TAK: Development of Entrepreneurship Idea, Books Series”
Date inserted : 12/23/2008
News content :    The unveiling ceremony of “TAK: Entrepreneurship thinkingdevelopmentbooks series” was held in first exhibition of Iran Ministryof Science,Research and Technology. At this ceremony, Iran Minister ofScience,Research and Technology unveiled two recent published books ofTAKseries (Entrepreneurship thinking development book series). Thesetwobooks are “Iranian Entrepreneurship: The guide forcreatingknowledge-based SME`s in Iran” and “The EntrepreneurialIndividual”.
  TAK series are published by MSRT for localizing anddevelopingentrepreneurship in Iran, and consist of 17 books. Theauthors of thisseries are: Dr.Jalil Khavandkar, Ehsan Khavandkar and Afshin Motaghi.The third book of this series is named “Intellectualcapital” whichwill be published in the middle of 2009.
   At theceremony, IranMinister of Science, Research and Technology specificallyappreciateauthors endeavor to idea of writing these books andlocalizingworldwide theories in Iran.
   The books details are:
Name: Iranian Entrepreneurship: The guide for creating knowledge-based SME`s in Iran
Authors: Dr. Jalil Khavandkar, Ehsan Khavandkar and Afshin Motaghi
Publisher: Iran Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
Pages: 244.
ISBN: 987-600-90203-0-0

Name: The Entrepreneurial Individual
Authors: Roger Cartwright
Translators: Dr. Jalil Khavandkar, Ehsan Khavandkar and Afshin Motaghi
Publisher:IndustrialResearch and Training Center of Iran (IRTCI) withcollaboration of IranMinistry of Science, Research and Technology(MSRT)
Pages: 144.
ISBN: 978-964-2841-41-7

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