Title : Announcement: Professor Pierre-Marie FAYARD (University of Poitiers) joins the Scientific Committee of IICM
Date inserted : 8/16/2013
News content :

   We are pleased to introduce Professor Pierre-Marie FAYARD as the new member of IICM2013 scientific committee.

   Prof. FAYARD is a Chair professor at the University Business School of Poitiers, France. He holds a Ph.D. in Communication & Information Sciences, University of Grenoble, France,1987, Master in Communication S&T, University of Grenoble, 1980.

   Previously, Prof. FAYARD served as Cultural& Cooperation Counselor, French Embassy in Peru (Lima), 09/2008 – 08/2012; General Manager, Franco-Brazilian S&T Documentation Center (Sao Paulo), 09/2004 –08/2008; Head of the S&T Communication Lab. (LABCIS), University of Poitiers, 05/1993 – 08/2004; Head of the Business Intelligence Master,University of Poitiers, 09/1998 – 08/2001; Science journalist, S&T Cultural Center, Grenoble, 1980 – 1988; Social worker, Youth & Cultural Center,Grenoble, 1975 – 1978.

Some of Prof. FAYARD`s recent books are listed below: 

  • Laforce du paradoxe. Une clefstrategique, to bepublished, Paris: Dunod 2014.

  • Comprendre et appliquer Sun Tzu. 36stratagemes de sagesse en action. Paris: Dunod 2011, edited in Brazilian,Italian, Portuguese & Rumanian.

  • Sun Tzu. Strategie et seduction. Paris : Dunod 2009, editedin Italian, Portuguese & Spanish.

  • Le reveil du samourai. Culture et strategie japonaises dans la societede la connaissance. Paris: Dunod, 2006, edited inBrazilian & Rumanian.

  • CulturaCientifica, Desafio, Vogt C. & Fayard P.,(org.). EDUSP – FAPESP, Sao Paulo: Brazil 2006.

  • La comunicacion publica de la ciencia. Hacia laciudad del conocimiento. Mexico: UNAM 2005. 


We are fortunate to have been able to have someone with such experience and expertise

Thank you for joining our scientific committee, Pierre!


Jalil Khavand kar- Scientific Committee Chair

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