Title : IICM 2009 conference office start to work
Date inserted : 12/21/2008
News content :    After the last steering board meeting, they announced that the IICM2009 will be held on 7,8 October in Zanjan, Iran. Across to this, theIICM 2009 conference office start to work. The International Conferenceon Intellectual Capital Management (IICM2009) welcomes both academicand practitioner papers on a wide range of topics and a wide range ofscholarly approaches including theoretical and empirical papersemploying qualitative, quantitative and critical methods.
    IICM 2009 conference office contact details are:
Address: IICM2009 conference office, Technology Incubator Bldg., Gavazang Blvd., Zanjan, Iran.
Tel: 0098241-4155001  
EMail: info@IICM.ir
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