Title : Announcement: Dr. Gilda Antonelli (University of Molise) joins the Scientific Committee of IICM
Date inserted : 8/3/2013
News content :

   We are pleased to introduce Dr. Gilda Antonelli as the new member of IICM2013 scientific committee.

   Dr. Antonelli (Ph.D. in Organization, Technology and Human Resources Development - XIII cycle and DBA from the University of Molise) is an Associate Professor of Management at the Department of Business & Management and Rector’s Delegate for Innovation of the University of Molise. Previously,Dr. Antonelli was a Visiting Professor at the Snider Research Center – The Wharton School– University of Pennsylvania, PA. Currently, Dr. Antonelli also works as Advisor in the PNI Cube board of Directors, Member of Spin-off Board of University of Molise, Scientific coordinator and the person in charge of Molise University of No Profit Association PNI Cube, that associate all Italian University that operate in Technology Transfer and incubation, Responsible of Molise Start Cup, Business Plan Competition and Member of Enterprise Europe Network Work Group on Clusters and Innovation.

   Dr. Antonelli has received numerous awards, such as:  Winner of  the  “Marrama –  Research  Section” –  Il  Denaro, Naples  with  a paper  titled  “The research companies support network: strategic models and actors”; Winner of the research grant advanced CNR – Nato, National Research Committee, Rome; SFIDE2006 Prize, for the PIN- Innovative Polo as one of the best ten projects of the Italian Public Administration. Some of her recent publications are listed below:

  • Antonelli G. (2013) Organizzazione, competenze e strategie di genere: ilprofilo dell’imprenditrice molisana, in Novi Chiavarria E., Zilli I. (a cura di),Culture di genere in Unimol, Universita degli Studi del Molise, p. 233-255.ISBN: 9788896394090.

  • Antonelli G., Moschera L. e Mollona E. (2012)  How to save clusters from dying, DiscussionPaper Series n 15 – CRISEI, Universita degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope,Napoli.

  • Antonelli  G.  (2012) Sistemi  produttivi  locali e  cluster  di imprese.  Distretti  industriali, tecnologici  e  protodistretti, Franco Angeli, Milano.

  • Antonelli G. (2012) Prefazione. In Brunetti M. Modello Enel –Evoluzione tra Monopolio e Mercato. Vol 365-872, p. 11-13, Franco Angeli,Milano

  • Antonelli  G.,  Consiglio S.  (2012)  I caratteri  del  gruppo di  potenziali  imprenditori per  la  costituzione di un’impresa innovativa,  in Izzo F. (2012) a cura di,  Reti per l’Innovazione, McGraw-Hill Companies, Milano 155-175.

  • Antonelli  G.,  Moschera L.  e  Mollona E.  A  Dynamic Theory  of  Technology Transfer  and  Evolutionary Dynamics within Supply-Chains.Under revision System Dynamics Review. 


We are fortunate to have been able to have someone with suchexperience and expertise.

Thank you for joining our scientific committee, Gilda!


Jalil Khavand kar - Scientific Committee Chair

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