Title : The List of Accepted Papers for the IICM2011(Oral / Poster presentations)
Date inserted : 9/15/2011
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   The list of accepted papers for the oral and poster presentations in IICM2011 was announced. The accepted papers were selected from 338 received papers to the IICM2011.

  Congratulations to all accepted authors.The authors should follow the proceduresfor preparation of their presentations. The requirements would be sent to theauthors via email.

Accepted papers for the Oral Presentation
ICM3PT0062585 A report on Intellectual Capital as a new concept in OIC countries
Barriers to Knowledge Commercialization in Universities and academic entrepreneurship (The Case of University of Tehran)
ICM3PT0022412 Empirical Investigation of the Relationship between IC and WACC in TSE
ICM3PT0062601 Measurement of Nation`s Intellectual Capital Development Degrees in Southeast Asian Nations
ICM3PT0012415 Assessing and supporting human capital for evidence-informed policy making: Reflections from experiences in Africa
ICM3PT0032435 Parallel Import and Intellectual Property law
ICM3PT0022444 The role of Pharmaceutical patents in drug economy and their examination criteria
ICM3PT0062592 The impact of IC on competitiveness among the new SME`s in UAE.
ICM3PT0052452 The investigation of social capital status in Azarbayejan Shargi province and the determinants of its improvement (Delphi approach)
ICM3PT0042477 Analysis & Ranking Corporate Social Responsibility, tool in measurement intellectual capital
ICM3PT0052512 Studying the role of relational capital on Iran’s carpet industry compatibility: a brand approach
ICM3PT0072491 Intellectual Capital in Tajik Universities: familiarity, training, evaluation
ICM3PT0022522 Test of The Human Capital Indexes Growth in Islamic Azad University
ICM3PT0012571 Identify intellectual capital measuring indexes for university to use of Delphe method
ICM3PT0062572 The Role of Intellectual Capital and Social Capital in SMEs Performance 
ICM3PT0042573 Role of Social Capital in Sustainable Development
ICM3PT0022579 An investigation about the effect of IC on private universities in Iran
ICM3PT0012576 The relationship between Organization development and recognizing IC: an experience from Indian firms
ICM3PT0032577 The Importance of an Intellectual Property Protection System for Arab League countries 

Accepted papers for the Poster Presentation
ICM3PT0042346 The study of  the relationship between Social Capital and Organizational Commitment  from the Shahid Rajaee University staffs' point of view
ICM3PT0022364 A Framework for Evaluating KM effectiveness on Organizational Performance
ICM3PT0022365 In seeking appropriate framework for intellectual capital measurement in higher education system
ICM3PT0062375 Intellectual capital management with dynamic approach- case study
ICM3PT0062376 Human Capital in Knowledge Management  and its effect on Performance
ICM3PT0022388 Intellectual Capital Accounting and its Role in Creating Competitive Advantage at the Universities
ICM3PT0032393 A review of Intellectual Property in Law
ICM3PT0062400 Investigating of personalizing strategic role of knowledge management in creativity and innovation.
ICM3PT0022414 The effect of intellectual capital on the performance of the steel industry in North West of Iran
ICM3PT0022417 Express usage accounting management in avow organization intellectual capital level
ICM3PT0042422 Effects Training of cooperative learning the improved self-concept of students' Son of the first year of high school Arak city
ICM3PT0022428 Impact of intellectual capital on firm’s economic performance by utilization of the VAIC method 
ICM3PT0062431 Survey and evaluation of brand special value as one of the organizational intangible assets (Case study: Active companies in offering Laptop computers) 
ICM3PT0062437 The Measuring of Customer Knowledge Management performance Establishment ( A Case study in rafsanjan almas kavir company
ICM3PT0032453 protection of intellectual property on internet in WCT and WPPT
ICM3PT0012468 Explanation of mass media’s role for human capital development from the Human Capabilities Development Point of View
ICM3PT0072471 The Study of Entrepreneurship obstacles emphasizing investing security and property rights
ICM3PT0062481 The Importance of IP Management & Strategies in Today Business
ICM3PT0012485 Value creating from intellectual capital through dynamic capabilities 
ICM3PT0022486 Intellectual capital as a part of knowledge management in high education institutions
ICM3PT0062494 The present study evaluates the effect of information and communication technology (ICT) on the Creativity & motivational beliefs of Urumia University students . 
ICM3PT0052530 Comparing the effect of privatization on organizational culture among employees -managers in Mobarakeh Steel Company
ICM3PT0062558 A study of multiple relationship between knowledge management conversion process and intellectual capital in Urmia university
ICM3PT0062566 Knowledge management systems to increase synergy through analysis of five gaps in the application of IT
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