Title : Mujtaba M. Momin(Institute of Management & Research, India)`s note for Dr. Jalil Khavandkar, IICM Chairman
Date inserted : 10/7/2010
News content :

Dear Dr. Jalil Khavandkar, Sir | Chairman - IICM 2010


    I trust you are having a brilliant time at the IICM 2010.

    I was fortunate to be a part of the IICM 2009 & I preserve great memories ofthat excellent colloquium & of meeting the Academicians, Students & theCommon people of Iran.

    I can't tell you how miserable I am feeling about missing the chance to be in thelovely nation Iran among the adorable & intellectual people of Iran.However, I eagerly hope to be a part of IICM 2011.

I wish you all a very Interesting, Inspiring & Successful IICM 2010!

I am confident that your combined effort will make it a fantastic & anextremely successful event!

Best Wishes,

Prof. Mujtaba M. Momin

Institute of Management & Research

Aurangabad, India

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