Title : Final Communique of 2nd International Conference on Intellectual Capital Management(IICM2010) is being read by Dr Akhgar from Sheffield Hallam University of United Kingdom
Date inserted : 10/6/2010
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The 2ndInternational Conference on Intellectual Capital Management (IICM2010)


The worldwide Intellectual Capital Management theoretician, thinkers and activist meting Zanjan, Iran, from 6 to 7 October 2010, on the occasion of the 2ndInternational Conference on Intellectual Capital Management (IICM2010).

This year's conference, which attracted more than 315 research papers from around the world and included representatives from 35 International science, research,education and culture organizations, universities, public and private Science sectors,Science and Technology Parks and Government bodies, was hosted by the Zanjan Science and Technology Park.

In recen years Zanjan Science and Technology Park has demonstrated tremendous success inraising the attention to Intellectual Capital and quality of management,regulation and in strengthening consultation and cooperation between global active organization and centers in the field of IC. This has been one of thekey achievements that reflected by IICM. In keeping with this success and in recognition of the important international role which we will play together,the Organization will be moving to ensure its continued effectiveness. Accordingly,IICM2010 steering board members, scientific and academic committee members and participants have formally esteemed these achievements and assertedtheir agreement on the following articles by clap:


We bring a deep gratitude toward honourable conference organizers and sponsors, especially to Dr.Jalil Khavandkar and his colleagues due to their endeavours and commitment to spread the Intellectual Capital concepts and best practices across the globe.

The collaboration of international and regional institution, specially International Organization for Scienceand Technology Education (IOSTE), Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), Islamic World Science Citation Database(ISC), Regional Information Center for Science & Technology(IRSCT),Islamic Development Bank(IDB),  International Universities and distinguished scientists and thinkers from USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Malaysia, India, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Cameron, Afghanistan and Iraq, is appreciated.

The attendance of the distinguished guests from regional, Middle Asian, Far Eastern and subcontinent countriesis highly prized.

The Regional IC Center in Zanjan Science and Technology Park that developed under the endeavours of Asian universities is strongly supported and regarded.

The scientific andbusiness institutes that have applied first conference`s outcomes, especially institutes that their representatives reported their practical experiences and achievements in implementation of intellectual capital management plans in IICM2010 are admired.

The industries, public andprivate institutions are thoroughly recommended to consider the advantagesof identification, measurement, valuation and accounting of the IC and are countenanced to apply the 2nd conference`s results.

Conference sound in Alzahra University`s that resulted to define the first Iranian course on Intellectual Capital for undergraduate and postgraduate students are applauded  even as this fruitful decision will open a new window to development of our country. We encourage other university to realizethe importance of IC course for our development vision and acting in the sameway.

International Conferenceon Intellectual Capital Management (IICM) scientific outcomes and the visionfor annually holding the IICM are requested and admired.  

IICM 2010 participants suggest to appending the Intellectual Capital management attitudeas an article or note in I.R.Iran`s fifth development plan.

IICM2010 participants suggest to augmenting of the Intellectual Capital concepts inIranian high schools educational programme.
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