Title : List of accepted papers for oral presentation
Date inserted : 9/20/2010
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List of accepted papers for oral presentation:

Over 310 valuable papers received to IICM2010 Office, alongreferee, 22 papers accepted for oral presentation.

Authors should correct their papers regarding IICM2010comments and send proper slides for confirmation.

Certificates will be given after presentation and the finalpanel in which the questions should be answered by authors. Conference fee willborne by IICM2010 Office for responsible author.

(For more details about papers, like: abstarcts and authors, please click here)

  Code Title
1 IICM2PT0061685 Necessity of prepare a comprehensive plan for process management of human capital development
2 IICM2PT0061712 Paradigm model of quality oriented phenomenon as one of organizational intangible assets
3 IICM2PT0061754 Categorizing the driving factors affecting on intellectual capital by fuzzy topsis technique
4 IICM2PT0061764 Developing a new method to extract knowledge from customer satisfaction surveys
5 IICM2PT0061802 Intellectual Capital Management in Higher Education Institutions
6 IICM2PT0061880 The expository role of organizational learning on the relation between intellectual capital (IC) and NPD project
7 IICM2PT0061898 The influence of knowledge management and intellectual capital factures on the organizational performance: A case study of INGOs
8 IICM2PT0061912 Intellectual Capital Management by brand management
9 IICM2PT0061948 The Role of Intellectual Property Management in Academic technology transfer process
10  IICM2PT0021674 Brands and Brand Equity Valuing Methods Comparison
11 IICM2PT0021690 Evaluating Intellectual Capital in the Transportation Sector A Case Study in Iranian Airlines
12 IICM2PT0021868 An Application of Fuzzy Logic For Study of Intellectual Capital Role on β Risk of Pharmacy Firms in Tehran Stock Exchange
13 IICM2PT0071711 Implications of intellectual property rights management for enhancing university research commercialization
14 IICM2PT0071952 Modeling a cost/benefit framework for Science and Technology parks/Incubators based on Intellectual Capital approach
15 IICM2PT0071909 Dissecting the Role of Protectable Intellectual Property in Financing Nanotech Firms
16 IICM2PT0051680 The role of natural resource abundant on relationship of human capital with economic growth in Petroleum exporters countries (the cross section approach)
17 IICM2PT0051932 The role of intellectual capital and knowledge development process on IR Iran economic development
18 IICM2PT0031768 Competition law policy and intellectual property law
19 IICM2PT0031693 Liability of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for Copyright Infrigment
20 IICM2PT0011653 Human Sigma: Evolution of Intellectual Capital Management Thought
21 IICM2PT0011805 Proposing a Conceptual Framework for Measuring and Reporting Intellectual Capital in the Universities
22 IICM2PT0041945 Effective Factors on intellectual capital Migration with emphasis on the Government size role
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