List of sent papers to review
Code Title
1- IICM2PT0021651 importance of evaluation and measurment of intellectual capital
2- IICM2PT0061652 The Relationship Between Leadership style with Organizational Commitment among the Employees of Iran Telecomunication Company
3- IICM2PT0011653 Human Sigma: Evolution of Intellectual Capital Management Thought
4- IICM2PT0041654 Business Philanthropy for Empowered Economy
5- IICM2PT0041656 The research of intellectual capital upon welfave and social justice
6- IICM2PT0061657 Confidence Making Management for Personnel
7- IICM2PT0031658 Law ful investigate of place at cammercial marks in iran national law
8- IICM2PT0061659 Organizational Subcultures Management
9- IICM2PT0011660 Social Capital Impacts on Complexity Leadership’s Functions in Complex Adaptive Systems
10- IICM2PT0021661 Developing a Model for Measuring Intellectual Capital of Universities (Case Study: Ferdowsi University)
11- IICM2PT0031662 Principles of Protection and Rights Sanctions for Intellectual Capital
12- IICM2PT0031663 subjectology of contracts concerning intellectual property
13- IICM2PT0061664 Human Capital: Concepts and Models
14- IICM2PT0051665 Exploitation intellectual capital of reaction with economic capitals for innovation and economic growth
15- IICM2PT0061666 Customer Relationship Management
16- IICM2PT0061668 Innovation management and intellectual property organization
17- IICM2PT0021669 Proposing a Suitable Method for Reporting Intellectual Capital in the Iranian Auto-Making Companies
18- IICM2PT0011671 Present A Framework for Intellectual Capital Management in Public Organizations
19- IICM2PT0051673 Investigating the Relationship of Customer Capital Stamp and Organizational Performance in Iranian Insurance Industry
20- IICM2PT0021674 Brands and Brand Equity Valuing Methods Comparison
21- IICM2PT0011675 Design intellectual capital assessment model in higher education
22- IICM2PT0021676 Evaluation of Intellectual & Social Capital of Companies Ranked by Iran’s High Informatics Council
23- IICM2PT0071677 the effect of intellectual capitall on internatioalization of iranian university
24- IICM2PT0021678 implications for measurement and reporting of human capital
25- IICM2PT0021679 Influence of Intellectual Capital on firms market value during life cycle
26- IICM2PT0051680 The Investigation of Natural Resurce Abundance Effect on Economic Growth by Mechanism of Human Capital
27- IICM2PT0041681 The Role of University in Production and Management of Social Capital
28- IICM2PT0041682 Organization role in the diagnosis of learners opportunities Using cooperative learning
29- IICM2PT0051683 Important role of Intellectual Capital on the performance of companies In Tehran Stock exchange
30- IICM2PT0061684 A New Viewpoint on the Ways of Protecting Intellectual property
31- IICM2PT0061685 The Investigation of Natural Resurce Abundance Effect on Economic Growth by Mechanism of Human Capital
32- IICM2PT0061686 Operational model of establishing investment in people standard and its role in employees development and excellence of organizational assets
33- IICM2PT0061687 Studying the influence of Emotional Intelligence, Intellectual Capital and Human Resource ‎Development on Productivity (Case Study: Behnoosh Co)‎
34- IICM2PT0021688 Categorizing the Effective Drivers on Human Capital
35- IICM2PT0061689 مروری بر روشهای اندازه گیری و گزارش جریان دهی سازمانها
36- IICM2PT0021690 Evaluating Intellectual Capital in the Transportation Sector: A Case Study in Iranian Airlines
37- IICM2PT0051691 Effects of human capital on economic growth in Iran
38- IICM2PT0021692 Evaluation Knowledge Creation and Intellectual Capital in Banking Industry
39- IICM2PT0031693 Liability of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for Copyright Infrigment
40- IICM2PT0011694 Talent management and its role in creating competitive advantage
41- IICM2PT0061695 The role of Customer Knowledge Management to competition advantage constant for business companies.
42- IICM2PT0061696 Evolution and development of intellectual capital strategy to improve basic organizations
43- IICM2PT0061697 Relationship between social capital and organizational knowledge management
44- IICM2PT0061698 Relationship between social capital and organizational knowledge management
45- IICM2PT0061699 A Theoretical Framework for Knowledge Management Process And Enterprise Knowledge Management Modelling
46- IICM2PT0061700 Intellectual Capital Management
47- IICM2PT0071701 Entrepreneur woman, Entrepreneur university and Entrepreneurship in Iran
48- IICM2PT0071702 Entrepreneurship Students a Way to Improve the Intellectual Capital of Universities
49- IICM2PT0011703 Wonderful reflection on the intellectual capital in the context of organizational communication
50- IICM2PT0061704 شناسايي و ارزيابي مولفه هاي اصلي سرمایه فکری در سازمانها و نهادهای آموزش عالي كشور(نمونه موردي: واحد هاي دانشگاه آزاد اسلامي شهر تهران)
51- IICM2PT0021705 Assessment of Intellectual Capital and the New VAIC Method
52- IICM2PT0051706 Economic system of cultural pathology approach to create intellectual capital
53- IICM2PT0051707 Economic system of cultural pathology approach to create intellectual capital
54- IICM2PT0051708 Intellectual capital to achieve economic comparative method to monitor the privatization
55- IICM2PT0061709 Creating intellectual capital system with pathology staff in-service education
56- IICM2PT0051710 Intellectual capital to achieve economic comparative method to monitor the privatization
57- IICM2PT0071711 Implications of Intellectual Property Rights Management for Enhancing University Research Commercialization
58- IICM2PT0061712 Paradigm Model of Quality Oriented Phenomenon as One of Organizational Intangible Assets
59- IICM2PT0061713 Corporate Reputation Effect on Service Sector Brand Equity (Case study: Irancell Corporate)
60- IICM2PT0061714 A Model of Forming a Cooperative Cooperation to Facilating interorganizational knowledge management
61- IICM2PT0041715 The Role of Intellectual Capital in the Creative Class Measure: Provinces of Iran
62- IICM2PT0061716 Modeling and Forecasting of intellectual capital with a ARIMA Model
63- IICM2PT0061717 Role of the Opportunities Emerging Participation Based Internet Technologies (Web 2.0) on Intellectual Capital Management
64- IICM2PT0061718 نقش مديريت دانش در نوآوري
65- IICM2PT0061719 the relationship between intellectual capital and perfomance of stock exchange companies
66- IICM2PT0061720 Investigation of Intellectual Capital Management Effects on Organization Productivity, Case study: Saipa Automotive Manufacturing co
67- IICM2PT0021721 Assessment of Intellectual Capital Elements in Educational Cooperatives with Fuzzy Approach
68- IICM2PT0071722 قش سرمايه فكري در خلق مزیت رقابتی سازمان های کار آفرین
69- IICM2PT0011723 The Effect of Human Capital on Customer Satisfaction and Costomer Loyalty
70- IICM2PT0061724 the role of human resource accounting assessment of intellectual capital organizations
71- IICM2PT0061725 self-management
72- IICM2PT0061726 The role of knowledge management and learning systems in supply chains ( supplier knowledge management )
73- IICM2PT0061727 Learning Organizations
74- IICM2PT0071728 social capital and entrepreneurship
75- IICM2PT0061729 Use of TRIZ in Invention Evaluation as an Intellectual Capital
76- IICM2PT0021730 Intellectual capital valuation
77- IICM2PT0031731 Conventional methods to protect the rights of computer software
78- IICM2PT0061732 Explanation of Relation between Use’s Rate of IT and Degree of Realization of Dimension of Learning Organization in Sport’s Federations of Islamic Republic of Iran
79- IICM2PT0021733 Evaluation of Intellectual Capital and it's Disclosure by Firms
80- IICM2PT0011734 Presenting a Conceptual Framework for Measuring and Reporting Intellectual Capital in Universities
81- IICM2PT0071735 Recognition Factors Affecting Entrepreneurial Attitude: A Step Toward Investment in Human Resources
82- IICM2PT0061736 Knowledge management
83- IICM2PT0041737 the relationship of social capital with interpersonal trust
84- IICM2PT0061738 Yadgiri Mosharekati
85- IICM2PT0061739 Design Model for Knowledge Management Settlement
86- IICM2PT0011740 Social capital and its impact on the growth stage of organizational life cycle
87- IICM2PT0061741 relationship between social capital and organizational knowledge management
88- IICM2PT0031742 intellectul property rights
89- IICM2PT0061743 Studying the relationship between Intellectual Capital and Productivity
90- IICM2PT0061744 Studying the effect of intellectual capital on organizational justice
91- IICM2PT0061745 Surveying the correlation ship of Human Capital and Spiritual Leadership (Case study: Behnoosh co.)
92- IICM2PT0071746 Corporate Social Responsibility, A New Approach to Intellectual Capital in Value
93- IICM2PT0061747 Studying the influence of intellectual capital on competitive advantage (case study: Behnoosh company)
94- IICM2PT0011748 Introduction of challenges and indicators and conceptual review of dynamics of intellectual capital in research and educational institutions
95- IICM2PT0061749 مدیریت سرمایه فکری
96- IICM2PT0061750 The role of Knowledge Management in Learning Organizations
97- IICM2PT0061751 a survey of relationship between relationship capital and firm business performance
98- IICM2PT0061752 Defining indicators and weighing and ASSESSMENT Yazd organization using fuzzy ANP
99- IICM2PT0071753 the role of intellectual property in knowledge-based entrepreneurship
100- IICM2PT0061754 Categorizing the Driving Factors Affecting on Intellectual Capital by Fuzzy Topsis Technique
101- IICM2PT0061755 The Role of Intellectual Capital in the Implementation of Knowledge Management: A Case Study
102- IICM2PT0061756 The effect of knowledge management on human capital management of consultant engineering companies
103- IICM2PT0051757 managment of intellectual capital
104- IICM2PT0021758 The challenges of reporting the intellectual capital as the asset
105- IICM2PT0011759 The Role of Knowledge Management Structure in Creating Human Capital of an Organization
106- IICM2PT0061760 Importance of Patents and thier Information as Intellectual Capitals
107- IICM2PT0031761 article
108- IICM2PT0061762 Intellectual capital management
109- IICM2PT0061763 The role of intellectual capital on capital market firms
110- IICM2PT0061764 Developing a New Method to Extract Knowledge from Customer Satisfaction Surveys
111- IICM2PT0061765 fundamentals and applications of knowledge management
112- IICM2PT0021766 Reload pattern of intellectual capital measurement and evaluation models and Rate in Iranian organizations
113- IICM2PT0071767 مدیریت سرمایه فکری دانش آموختگان بیکار به سمت کارآفرینی حلقه گم شده نظام آموزش عالی کشاورزی.
114- IICM2PT0031768 Competition Law Policy and Intellectual Property Law
115- IICM2PT0051769 Knowledge assessment in Sunny factory
116- IICM2PT0071770 Management capital mental university graduators to ward entrepreneurship the high agricultur university missed ring.
117- IICM2PT0071771 Management necessiry capital mental for university entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship university?
118- IICM2PT0061772 Personel's Intellectual Capital Management During Group Thinking in Decision Making Process
120- IICM2PT0021774 تاثیر سرمایه فکری بر ارزش بازار شرکت های پذیرفته شده در بورس اوراق بهادار تهران
121- IICM2PT0061775 Survey of quality of Iranian youth convergence
122- IICM2PT0011776 Integrated KANO-FUZZY model in QFD by focus on customer capital
123- IICM2PT0061777 Management of intellectual capitals via brand management(present a three sectional model)
124- IICM2PT0061778 Survey of effects of disgusting ingineering problem on productivity in organizations
125- IICM2PT0061779 Design of new model for management of intellectual capital in organization
126- IICM2PT0061781 The relationship between human capital dimensions and organizational learning capability at Institute of International Energy Studies
127- IICM2PT0041782 Representation the role of diversity in human capital and its linkage with intellectual capital; with emphasis on ethnic diversity in Iran
128- IICM2PT0051783 A Study of Intellectual Capital Effect on the Tehran Stock Exchange Firms' Risks
129- IICM2PT0051784 Deal Speed of Convergence Capital Human in Between Zone-Different Iran
130- IICM2PT0061785 Designing the Knowledge Management Establishment Model in State Organizations (Case-Study for Tehran Municipality)
131- IICM2PT0061786 Surveying Relation Intellectual Capital And Organizational Performance
132- IICM2PT0031787 Judicial Precedent, Trade Name & Trade Mark
133- IICM2PT0021788 Intellectual Capital & Providing a Method for Reporting Them
134- IICM2PT0041789 The examination of relationship between transformational leadership and social capital from expertise
135- IICM2PT0071790 Intellectual capital theoretical framework for the entrepreneurial learning organization
136- IICM2PT0071791 Intellectual Capital Theoretical Framework for the Entrepreneurial Learning Organization
137- IICM2PT0031792 Transfering and Licancing of Trade Mark
138- IICM2PT0061793 Surveying Relation Intellectual Capital And Organizational Performance
139- IICM2PT0011794 The Role of Human Capital in Intellectual Capital of Organization
140- IICM2PT0061795 Focus on intangible assets within the learning organization crystallized and creativity and innovation
141- IICM2PT0061796 Managing Intellectual Capital in UK Higher Education: A Student Perspective
142- IICM2PT0041797 Intellectual capital and world economy
143- IICM2PT0061798 A Study of Learning Organizational Disciplines with High Schools Managers Effectiveness from of the Teachers Point of View in 4th District of Tabriz
144- IICM2PT0061799 Survey of relationship between organizational justice and intellectual capital
145- IICM2PT0071801 Commercialization Activities of Biomedical Research Results in Four Malaysian Universities
146- IICM2PT0061802 Intellectual Capital Management in Higher Education Institutions
147- IICM2PT0061803 The Role of knowledge sharing in the realization of learning and growth aspects of the BSC Model
148- IICM2PT0061804 A study of development of a local model of Intellectual Capital Indicators and its measurement in Shahid Chamran University during the fourth development plan
149- IICM2PT0011805 Proposing a Conceptual Framework for Measuring and Reporting Intellectual Capital in the Universities
150- IICM2PT0021806 need to analysis intellectual capital measurement prespectives in society Iran
151- IICM2PT0061807 Knowledge management in eBusiness and customer relationship management (case study: Iran)
152- IICM2PT0061808 The survey of relationship amomg Social Capital and Intrapreneurship in Sadid Industrial Group
153- IICM2PT0021809 Investigating The Relation of between Intellectual Capital and Financial Performance of Companies Listed in
154- IICM2PT0061810 The role of intellectual Capital Management on The Function of Welfare Organization in Esfahan Province
155- IICM2PT0021811 Investigating The Relation of between Intellectual Capital and firm's market value of Companies Listed in
156- IICM2PT0061812 The Influence of Intellectual Capital to business Performance at Banking industry ...
157- IICM2PT0061813 Designing a strategic model for resources consumption improvement in the first Phase of South Pars Gas Complex
158- IICM2PT0061814 Appraisal Organizational learning ( A Case study)
159- IICM2PT0011815 social capital
160- IICM2PT0061816 Cluster role in increasing the competitiveness Small enterprises with central knowledge management
161- IICM2PT0021817 Intellectual capital Measurement effectiveness
162- IICM2PT0061818 The study of relationship between the intellectual capital and competitive adventage (case study)
163- IICM2PT0061819 The Effect of Client Participation on Service Quality Improvement in Razavi Khorasan Civil Registration
164- IICM2PT0061820 مدیریت سرمایه فکری؛ رویکردی نوین در مدیریت منابع نامشهود بنگاه
165- IICM2PT0061821 سرمایه ای برای بقای صنایع کوچک و متوسط ایران با تبیین مدل مفهومی
166- IICM2PT0061822 Transformational leadership and management Intellectual Capital
167- IICM2PT0071823 Use of Intangible Assets in Agriculture(cultivation of oyster mushrooms )
168- IICM2PT0051824 Investigating the Impact of Intellectual Capital on Export Behavior of Industrial Firms of Iran
169- IICM2PT0061825 Relationship between Organizational Subscales (Structure and Technology) of Physical Education Offices in Isfahan Province with the Strategy of Knowledge Management (KM)
170- IICM2PT0071826 Challenges of intellectual capital of universities nd higher education system of higher education in entrepreneurship and proposed solutions
171- IICM2PT0011827 The Relationship Between Social Capital and Knowledge Sharing (A Case Study in Pars & Shell Co.)
172- IICM2PT0011828 Study of relationship between intellectual capital &organizational performance in the National Iranian SouthOil Company (Staff Section – Ahvaz )
173- IICM2PT0021829 Predicting the Organizational Intelligence from Intellectual Capital Components in Mazandaran Payame Noor University
174- IICM2PT0021830 Models of National Knowledge Assess focusing on Intellectual Capital
175- IICM2PT0071831 Participation in Decision-Making of Human Capital and Entrepreneurial Culture Development
176- IICM2PT0021832 IC Valuation and measurement based on fuzzy logic
177- IICM2PT0061833 The relationship between intellectual capital and organizational
178- IICM2PT0061834 The Relationship Between Intellectual Capital and Organizational Performance: An study in NSTRI
179- IICM2PT0061835 Explanation of Knowledge Management in the Development of the Knowledge of Human Capital in Organizations
180- IICM2PT0011836 Branding Components in Service SMEs
181- IICM2PT0071837 Intellectual capital and it’s influence on the success of the SMEs: A case study from Yazd hotel Industry
182- IICM2PT0011838 A Brief Discussion on the Conceptual Model for Enhancing of Intellectual Capital (IC) viewpoint
183- IICM2PT0031839 Intellectual Property Rights and its Requisite
184- IICM2PT0061840 social capital
185- IICM2PT0021841 Investigating The effect of Intellectual capital on profitability of listed companies in Tehran stock exchange .
186- IICM2PT0061842 Intellectual Capitals, New Approach for Managing Exporters’ Companies
187- IICM2PT0021843 The Role of Nonfinancial Tools in Measuring Intellectual Capitals
188- IICM2PT0061844 Intellectual capital and firm performance :in the case of Iranian manager
189- IICM2PT0061845 Study on motivate effective factors in knowledge management Setting in Isfahan Gas Company
190- IICM2PT0031846 intelectual property law in International law
191- IICM2PT0021847 بررسی ارتباط بین ابعاد سرمایه فکری سازمانی و میزان تاثیر آنها بر دستیابی سازمان به چابکی
192- IICM2PT0061848 Women’s Knowledge Workers Performance
193- IICM2PT0021849 Measuring intellectual capital and Two models new proposed
194- IICM2PT0061850 Survey Relation Between Intellectual Capital Dimension of Organization and Scale Influence for Earn Agility
195- IICM2PT0071851 On the Role of Intellectual Capital and Strategic Entrepreneurship in Organizational Performance: Empirical Evidence from Iran SMEs
196- IICM2PT0041852 the concepts of thought assets in Islamic teachings
197- IICM2PT0041853 Crystallized the culture as barriers to intellectual capital development approach
198- IICM2PT0021854 The Investigation Intellectual Capital Among Companies Based in Yazd Science and Technology Park
199- IICM2PT0051855 Investigation the Impact of Intellectual Capital on Productivity in the Industrial Firms of Iran
200- IICM2PT0071856 Relationship between entrepreneurship and performance in high school administrators in Mazandaran Province
201- IICM2PT0061857 The survey of strategic rol of social capital in the economical growth and development. a case study in Islamic azad university - Gachsaran Branch
202- IICM2PT0061858 Data Warehouses in Knowledge Management
203- IICM2PT0061859 Relationship between intellectual capital and communications organizations
204- IICM2PT0061860 Intellectual Capital Participation in Media Management
205- IICM2PT0021862 Comparative Assessment of Intellectual Capital in Public and Private Banks in Isfahan, View of Their Managers
206- IICM2PT0061863 The effect of environments and real, virtual and personality on the rapidity of decision making
207- IICM2PT0031864 Intellectual property rights and technology transfer
208- IICM2PT0061865 The analysis of relationship between organizational infrastructures and the knowledge efficiency in Mashhad municipality
209- IICM2PT0061866 The survey the effect of organizational health at knowledge management in Sepah bank east Azarbyjan proviance
210- IICM2PT0061867 succesful Management
211- IICM2PT0021868 An Application of Fuzzy Logic for Study of Intellectual Capital Role on ß Risk of Pharmacy Firms in Tehran Stock Exchange
212- IICM2PT0011869 An Overview of the concept and Dimensions of Scial Capital
213- IICM2PT0021870 The surveying of effect of intellectual capital on profitability of companies listed Tehran Stock Exchange
214- IICM2PT0021871 Effecting of Intellectual Capital on utility of companies by VAIC Model.
215- IICM2PT0061872 Using of Intellectual Organization Wealth in Developing Technology Posses of Robotic Instruments with TRIZ Aspect in Iran Khodro Press Shop Department
216- IICM2PT0071873 The Survey of Effect Intellectual capital at organization Entrepreneurship in Azad Islamic University (13 Region)
217- IICM2PT0061874 Place OF Knowledge Management In Development Social capital
218- IICM2PT0061875 Attitude Reengineering in Higher Education
219- IICM2PT0061876 The new approach in artificial intelligence for overcoming technical limitations of knowledge management systems
220- IICM2PT0011877 Philosophy and Measurement in KM and IC
221- IICM2PT0051878 مدیریت سرمایه های فکری دراقتصاد
222- IICM2PT0061879 Measuring Customer-Based Brand Equity in Service Section
223- IICM2PT0061880 The Expository Role of Organizational Learning on the Relation Between Intellectual Capital (IC) and NPD Project
224- IICM2PT0061881 The new approach to implementing knowledge management in banking sector using ERP technology
225- IICM2PT0051882 The Role of Social Capital Based Approach to Intellectual Capital in Economic Development Organizations
226- IICM2PT0051883 ip and market
227- IICM2PT0061884 Study & Appointment Effective Important Indicators of Human Capital Measurement
228- IICM2PT0041885 Experts' Virtual Social Networks: Intelelctual Capital Management Technology
229- IICM2PT0061886 Creativity in the intellectual capital as knowledge management in pilot organizations
230- IICM2PT0061887 Intellectual capital management as a moral value in the information age organizations
231- IICM2PT0061888 The relationship between effective management factors with organizational agility
232- IICM2PT0061889 Innovative Atmosphere Relating to Success Factors of Entrepreneurial Managers in The Organization Agility
233- IICM2PT0061890 Economical Development and social capital
234- IICM2PT0031891 the examination of licensing agreement body dimensions
235- IICM2PT0061892 intellectual capital and management
236- IICM2PT0011893 Presenting a model for evaluating Parsian bank's performance by system dynamic approach
237- IICM2PT0021894 Approaches to valuing knowledge capital and Intellectual capital
238- IICM2PT0041895 Social Capital Management for Regional Development
239- IICM2PT0011896 The Models of Intellectual Capital Management in Universities
240- IICM2PT0011897 Effecting of Intellectual Capital on utility of companies by VAIC Model.
241- IICM2PT0061898 The Influence of Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital Factures on the Organizational Performance: A Case Study of INGO
242- IICM2PT0051899 The Investigation Short Run and Long Run Human Capital Effects on Economic Growth of Iran
243- IICM2PT0021900 Management of Intellectual Capitals And ARC Model
244- IICM2PT0061901 Knowledge and Intellectual Capital Management Process
245- IICM2PT0051902 اقتصاد اطلاعات و دانش
246- IICM2PT0021903 Management of Intellectual Capitals And ARC Model
247- IICM2PT0061904 مديريت دانش در سازمانهاي پيشرو
248- IICM2PT0061905 رويكرد سيستمي در مديريت منابع انساني و دانشي
249- IICM2PT0021906 Approaches to valuing knowledge capital and Intellectual capital
250- IICM2PT0011907 Study on Effect of Social Capital on Intellectual Capital
251- IICM2PT0021908 Survey on methods of determining the monetary value of human resources
252- IICM2PT0071909 Dissecting the Role of Protectable Intellectual Property in Financing Nanotech Firms
253- IICM2PT0061910 Knowledge management and information technology
254- IICM2PT0061911 Mental Capitals: forming and configuration Images, Imaginations and Assumptions
255- IICM2PT0061912 Intellectual Capital Management by Brand Management
256- IICM2PT0011913 The Management of Brands and Corporate Identity
257- IICM2PT0061914 Challenges Ahead and Intellectual Capital Management, Emigration
258- IICM2PT0061915 Integrated Information Systems Based Model for Tacit Knowledge Management
259- IICM2PT0061916 The Study of Compare Of Intellectual capital management in Telecommunication Corporation and agriculture in Bonab city
260- IICM2PT0061917 تکنیکها و روش های بودجه بندی پروژه
261- IICM2PT0051918 The Strategic Role of Social Capital on Economic Development (Gachsaran IAU-branch)
262- IICM2PT0041919 Social Capital in the Third World
263- IICM2PT0061920 تحلیل مدیریت سرمایه فکری و کاربرد آن در سازمان
264- IICM2PT0041921 سرمایة اجتماعی از نگاه فرانسیس فوکویاما
265- IICM2PT0041922 تعلیم وتربیت از دیدگاه ریچارد رورتی
266- IICM2PT0041923 سرمایه فکری، دانش و فناوریهای نوین
267- IICM2PT0061924 مدیریت مؤثر
268- IICM2PT0071925 چگونه سرمایه فکری یک سازمان را اندازه بگیریم
269- IICM2PT0031926 بررسی ابعاد حقوقی بدنه ی قرارداد لیسانس
270- IICM2PT0071927 چالشهای سرمایه فکری دانشگاههاو نظام آموزش عالی در کارآفرینی و راهکارهای پیشنهادی
271- IICM2PT0051928 The Role of Intellectual Capital Management on Isfahan Welfare Organization
272- IICM2PT0031929 حمایت های حقوقی از سرمایه های فکری
273- IICM2PT0041930 The Role of Student's Cultural Associations on Social Capital Advocacy
274- IICM2PT0051931 سرمایه فکری و اقتصاد جهانی
275- IICM2PT0051932 The Role of Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Development Process on IR Iran Economic Development
276- IICM2PT0041933 Intellectual Capital Management in the Police Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran
277- IICM2PT0051934 عوامل مؤثر بر مهاجرت نيروي كار متخصص كشورهاي منتخب آسياي جنوب شرقي با تاكيد بر محدودیت های اقتصادی و سیاسی دولت ها
278- IICM2PT0061935 عوامل مؤثر بر مهاجرت نيروي كار متخصص كشورهاي منتخب آسياي جنوب شرقي با تاكيد بر اثر اندازه دولت
279- IICM2PT0061936 A Survey of Productivity Barriers Islamic Azad University, Saghez Branch
280- IICM2PT0041937 بررسی جامعه شناختی تأثیر سرمایه ی اجتماعی بر جامعه دانشی
281- IICM2PT0071938 نقش مدیریت مالکیت فکری در نوآوری باز در سازمان های دانش بنیان
282- IICM2PT0041939 ضرورت ترويج تفكر انتقادي و خلاق در جامعه امروز
283- IICM2PT0041940 راهكارهاي ارتقاء علوم انساني و رشته هاي آن در كشور، ترويج تفكر انتقادي و خلاق
284- IICM2PT0061941 مدیریت دانش در حمایت از خلق دانش
285- IICM2PT0041942 نقش دانشگاه اسلامي در توسعة تفكّر خلّاق دانشجويان
286- IICM2PT0051943 موانع ذهني تفکر خلاق
287- IICM2PT0031944 اهمیت و جایگاه پتنت به‌عنوان یکی از مؤلفه¬های مالکیت فکری در دارائی‌های نامشهود
288- IICM2PT0041945 Effective Factors on Intellectual Capital Migration with Emphasis on the Government Size Role
289- IICM2PT0051946 عوامل مؤثر بر مهاجرت سرمایه های فکری متخصص ایران با تاكيد بر محدودیت های اقتصادی و سیاسی دولت
290- IICM2PT0031947 تاسيس دفاتر مالكيت فكري در دانشگاه ها، گامي در جهت حفاظت و صيانت از سرمايه هاي فكري
291- IICM2PT0061948 The Role of Intellectual Property Management in Academic Technology Transfer Process
292- IICM2PT0061949 سرمایه فکری ومدیریت دانش (مدیریت دانش در کسب و کارهای الکترونیکی)
293- IICM2PT0061950 سرمايه فكري ومدیریت دانش
294- IICM2PT0061951 هوش اخلاقی ومدیریت
295- IICM2PT0071952 Modeling a Cost/Benefit Framework for Science and Technology Parks/Incubators based on Intellectual Capital Approach
296- IICM2PT0011953 Learning Capital through Professional Teaching
297- IICM2PT0011954 Tracking IC Concepts in Iranian Heritage
298- IICM2PT0011955 Intellectual Capital in Iraq
299- IICM2PT0011956 Intellectual Capital in Pakistan
300- IICM2PT0011957 A Report from IDB based on Intellectual CapitalA Report from IDB based on Intellectual Capital
301- IICM2PT0011958 Intellectual Capital in Azerbaijan State Economic University
302- IICM2PT0011959 Intellectual Capital Management in Experience of Azerbaijan
303- IICM2PT0011960 An Investigation about creating Intellectual Capital based on Law Approach
304- IICM2PT0011961 Intellectual Capital Development for the National Innovation Ecosystem
305- IICM2PT0011962 Quality of Services and the Need for Continuous Improvement
306- IICM2PT0011963 Intellectual Capital and Society(IC&S)
307- IICM2PT0011964 Intellectual Capital and Entrepreneurial University
308- IICM2PT0011965 Intellectual Capital Issues
309- IICM2PT0011966 Intellectual Capital Issues
310- IICM2PT0011967 Intellectual Capital Issues
311- IICM2PT0061968 An Experience about Knowledge Management in Iran
312- IICM2PT0011969 Role of Intellectuals in Entrepreneurship Development for Inclusive Growth – Studies on Businesses of Marginal Persons in Canada & India
313- IICM2PT0011970 The Relationship Between National Innovation System Functions and Intellectual Capital Management Functions
314- IICM2PT0051971 CSFs from IP to Product and Business Modelling Issues
315- IICM2PT0021972 IC Report from IUST

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